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About Us

In 2004 we discovered an amazing shop in Mevagissey.  It was crammed from floor to ceiling with wonderful goodies, just right for a pagan shopaholic.  

In 2011 Martin and I decided to open an internet business called Hollytree Trading based loosely around the Lavender Pillow.  After a couple of years, it was apparent that we needed a physical shop. We wanted to expand our range, but it was becoming clear that people wanted to see what thing before they bought.  

After searching around our local area for a premise and with no luck, we gave up the idea and took on a new direction.  Martin trained as an acupuncturist and I was looking for a new direction, Cornwall.

In May 2016 we came to Cornwall house hunting.  After four days we were on the edge of giving up when we ventured into our favourite shop in Mevagissey.  That day changed our lives, not only did it give us our dream of moving to Cornwall, it also gave us the shop we had always wanted.  As from that point the rest is history.

Who We Are



The well wicked witch of the Westcountry and retail therapist extraordinaire.



Acupuncturist, therapist and healer, Former East End Barra Boy turned Shopkeeper



The shops' overly familiar cats who are now in spirit.

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