The fabulous witches of Pendle all beautifully hand made in amazing detail. Based on the original 17th century Witches of Pendle.  

Rosemary 35cm  in blue or burgundy £24.99

Sabrina 30cm in black, blue and burgundy £24.99 

Cassandra 60cm in blue, coffee, purple  or burgundy £49.99

Annie Redfearn 24cm in black burgundy and brown £19.99

Althea 24 cm in black burgundy & purple £16.99

Chattox 45cm in black or burgundy £26.99

Rose 5' 6" comes in black & purple only
£ priceless

Marjorie 50cm in black purple of burgundy £34.99

Agetha 50cm in purple burgundy or black £34.99

Jennet Device 35cm in black lilac or burgundy

Rowena 35cm in green burgundy and purple £24.99

Agetha 24cm in green black grey or blue £17.99

Alice Nutter 50cm above in green black purple and
brown £42.99
Also available in 24cm below in green black purple or
brown £22.99

Wilma 40cm in blue purple, grey & black £26.99

Alizon Device 35cm in burgundy, blue and purple £26.99

Nell 30cm in gold or blue £20.99

Maureen 50cm in red green, purple or brown £39.99

Lottie 15cm in various colours £10.99

Bridie 40cm in purple, black with black hair and black with blonde hair £22.99

Klaudia 65cm in black or purple £42.99

Felicity 45cm purple £29.99

Jazz 32cm in pink or purple £17.99

Olivia 24cm on swing in purple or floral £22.99


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The stunning new witch from Pendle

Batilda 100CM

In Purple or Red


Daisy 24cm in gold or silver £15.99

For mail order, just call us on 01726 844689 or email

Large Elena standing 60cm
in grey or purple £49.99
In a beautiful cape and wedding dress. She would make a fantastic wedding/handfasting present.

Tizzy 35cm in burgundy or in Black and white £23.99

Kitty 24cm in burgundy or purple £15.99