All manner of witches and witch related items. We think everyone should have a witch in their life.

Witches brew mugs £2.99 each

Witches black cat £16.99
Very cute and very soft and fluffy


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New Lisa Parker design witches brew mugs £3.99 each

Lisa Parker - Witch with crystal ball figure £9.99

Lisa Parker - Wicked witch £12.99

Nemesis Now mini witches £6.99 each

Nemesis now Red witch on glass paperweight reduced to £12.99

This is Alice our Shop Mannaquin - Not for sale. But she is always happy to pose for photographs.

Nemesis Now Moira witch £22.99

Nemesis Now Selene witch £27.99

Nemesis Now Misty witch £22.99

Nemesis Now Miranda witch £14.99

Large sexy witch mirror £22.99

Medium sexy witch mirror £19.99

Nemesis Now The Enchantress £14.99

Small cauldron witch £4.99

Sexy red witch £18.99

Nemesis Now Aradia witch £22.99

Small Standing witch £4.99

Nemesis Now shelf sitter witch £1799

The future's bright witch £16.99

Small witch with toad £4.99

Rose The Well Wicked Witch of The West.
Not for sale at any price. :)

Small witch to ride with £4.99

Love potion witch £22.99

Witch and cat cruet set £5.50

Not so pretty witches £5.99 each

Black and white witch cruet set £5.50

Midnight vigil clock £9.99

The witching hour clock £9.99

Witch brooch 34.50

Nemesis Now Rock Witch £24.99

Witch handle mug £5.99

Large cackling witch with light up eyes £15.99

Nemesis Now twirling witch £24.99

Small black witches cat £9.99

Witches cat fridge magnet (has a magnet in each paw) £2.99

Cat on moon sun catcher £12.99

Purple witch sun catcher £10.99

Purple cat sun catcher £9.99

Purple witch on broom sun catcher £11.99

Purple sexy witch sun catcher £11.99

Large purple witch sun catcher £19.99

Pink witch sun catcher £10.99

Witch on moon sun catcher £10.99