All manner of musical chimes and tinkley things for your home and garden.


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Metal Chinese coin chime £7.99

Triquetta and bells
mobile £4.99

Large pentagram and bells £5.99

Small pentagram and bells £5.99

Small triplemoon and bells £5.99

Large metal mobile with bells 24" 9.99

Large metal mobile with bells 24" 9.99

string Cow bells 27" Large bells £7.99
Small bells £7.50

string of hearts and bells 26" $4.99

Wood and metal chime 12" £3.99

Wood and metal chime 24" £5.99

Wood and metal chime 36" £8.99

Dark Wood and metal chime 27" £5.99

Dark Wood and metal chime with tassle 21" £5.50

Burnt bamboo chime 44" £7.99

Plain bamboo chime 37" £7.99

Banboo chime with sun, moon and stars 34" £7.99

Dark bamboo chime 34" £7.99

Any measurements given below are from ceiling to the very bottom of the chime or mobile.