This page is dedicated to Rose who in 2004 was horrified when I asked her to model some clothes for the new Lavender Pillow Website I was building.  She told me that 54 was not a good age to start a modeling career. However after much arm twisting she relented and has been  one of the shops regular clothes models ever since. She has also featured on the covers of all my CDs released over the last few years. I have included some of my favorite photos here as I think she is one of the most stunning dark beauties ever to walk the planet. But I may be a bit biased on this one. 

And just to prove that age should be no barrier to anyone.... The photos below were taken just after Rose's 60th birthday. Please note she still looks this good without any airbrushing, surgery or Botox.....
The years will never dim her beauty because it shines from within her soul.  


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