Those of you who have visited the shop will have seen our purple witch hanging outside. She was given to us some years ago by a friend who had had her for many years himself and had no recollection of where she came from. Hundreds of people have asked if she is for sale and we have tried and tried to find out who made her and where she came from, but alas her origins remain lost in the mists of time. We have seen two others like her in The Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle and in the Mevagissey Museum, but no one seems to know much about her.

Then one day out of the blue, a lady came into the shop and commented on the witch and said she had her big sister. In fact she has several other witches made by the same manufacturer. See pictures below (Many thanks to Helen for sending them to us). She had bought them some 20 years ago from a market stall in Canterbury.

This one is the same as ours only twice as big

And these four are quite amazing. We had no idea that other figures existed

Someone else told us about this stunning witch sitting on the moon.
Thanks to Martin & Carol for these photos

Thanks to Pandora for sending us this picture of her very sinister witch figure which she picked up in a curiosity shop in Liverpool. .

Just recently we picked up the little beauty below on Ebay. We thought she was so cool , we even built her a witches kitchen in the shop and she has been helping us collect money in her cauldron for charity ever since. She is very good at it too as she has raised over £300 for the precious lives appeal in her first 6 months on the job. 


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