Some of you may be aware that Bazz & Rose not only run the Lavender Pillow.... but Bazz also runs his own independant record label..........  So lets get the shameless self promotion over and done with. Click on the link below to see all the albums available from Planet La La Music and hear samples from all of them.And yes that is Rose on all the album covers.

And the stunning new CD from the Pirates of St. Piran
Rock The Boat

So CDs currently available in the shop are as follows

13 Moons - Bazz Cooper - £9.99

7 Seas - Bazz Cooper - £9.99

3 Wishes - Bazz Cooper - £9.99

9 Lives - Bazz Cooper - £9.99

A year and a day - Bazz Cooper - £9.99

The Dreamweaver - Bazz Cooper - £9.99

Songs of the stones - Bazz Cooper - £9.99

Dark Angel - Bazz Cooper - £12.99

A night at the mermeid inn 
By The Pirates of St. Piran - £9.99
£3 from each sale goes to the RNLI

3 Sheets to the wind 
By The Pirates of St. Piran - £9
£3 from each sale goes to
The Precious Lives Appeal.

Lost at Sea 
By The Pirates of St. Piran £12.99
This is a double album with
over 2 hours of music.
£5.00 from each sale goes to
The Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust.

Rock The Boat
By The Pirates of St. Piran £12.99
Another double album
£5.00 from each sale goes to The RNLI


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There you will not only find Bazz's own amazing instrumental music but also music from the Fabulous Pirates of St. Piran, The best piratical shanty group in Cornwall. We also stock all these albums in the shop