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Customers web sites

The following are websites which have been built by some of our customers - if you want your site added to the list just let us know and we will make it so.... (Provided it doesn't offend our sensibilities..... which is not an easy task)

Here are some sites we find interesting
(But be warned we have strange tastes)

Gothic photographer Stephan Lord's site. Some stunning images to be found here.

The Children of Artimis witchcraft and wicca site.

Tons of nice fairy graphics for use on websites, as clipart or just to look at and go Aaahhh!

Brilliant music, nice people, what more could you ask for.

Our Good Buddie and brilliant photographer. Check out some of his amazing work.

Our Good Buddie Rosy - Ace corporate cartoonist and illustrator

A B&B with a witchy theme. And they buy all their witches at The Lavender Pillow. Thanks Mariea

Local artist and illustrator (and regular customer) Liz Bolton. A must for all you fairy lovers out there. Thanks Liz.

Superb Neo Celtic Folk band. lots of samples to download on the site and if you like them, we stock their CDs

Brilliant German Celtic music band. Lots of very strange instruments. Lots of samples to download and we stock their CDs as well.

Garden and interior design and construction company run by George Clark-Roden.

Great site offering Birth chart analysis and 3 year predictions.


EFT and other alternative therapies site. from our regular customers Christina & Nick

One of the other great Cornish Goth onlineshops selling clothing, jewellery, boots etc. Run by a very nice lady called Fayley. So check it out.

Youth Forum set up to encourage young people to respect their community. Has all sorts of interesting stuff and links to cool places (Including The Lavender Pillow). Thanks Gary.

Local nursery who sell great plants over the inernet - Thanks John & Joan

Anybody out there old enough to remember Jonathan Kelly. The good news is that after a abscence of 30 years he is performing again and there is a rumour of a new album

Clairvoyant, Tarot and palm reader Some of you may remember her from when she worked in the shop with us. Check her out she is brilliant.

Clairvoyant, Ghostbuster and orb hunter extraordinaire. Brilliant site for those interested in strange happenings and manifestations 

First Choice Executive Travel
St. Austell taxi company - no web site as yet but if you need a taxi you can call them on 01726 67223 or 07966131496

Cool Goth site being built by Leigh. Some nice goth motor pics here.

Anyone looking for a B&B in the Newquay area should checkout The Golant Hotel. Run by our customers Matt & Kim.

Yahoo group for those interested in Pagan, Wiccan or Gothic art. well worth joining the group Run by our customer Val

Nice fairy related site run by Tybala and Tivon.

Anybody looking for profesional images (art & photographic) to buy for use in publications, websites or just to peruse and enjoy.

Nice Clothes shop in Launceston. Selling the Mountain range of tops and t shirts.
They are very good, we just wish we had more space so we could stock them too.

Lots of lovely fairy jewellery and accesories - Thanks Claire

OOOOPS! - Bazz couldn't resist the chance to blow his own trumpet..... not to mention strum his own guitar or tinkle on his own piano for that matter. Hear tracks from all of Bazz's CDs here.  

Some fantastic artwork by one of our brilliant local artists Sarah Vivian. All inspired by the magick of the Cornish landscape.

Great site featuring a brilliant drumming group. Thanks Greg

Great site for all you fairy fans who are good with a needle.
Thanks Karen.


North West England Paranormal Investigators based in Tameside. So if you have any things going bump in th night......... you know who to call

A whole host of information regarding everything Gothic

Haute Couture for those who walk the Darker Path

You can also check out this one - also from our good buddy Geoff Milner.

Our Very own Pirate re-enactment group based here in Mevagissey. Check out our website, come join us or just look at the pictures and say Arrrrrrrrgh!

Mevagissy's very own Pirate shop. Swords, Flintlocks, clothing and everything piratical you could ever dream of.

Beautiful music and stunning artwork from Martin & Belinda Walker ay Yewtree Magic. Check them out..... and all of Martin's CDs are available from the Lavender Pillow.

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