Baubles, Bangles and Beads.
We Have A Tresure Chest Brimming Over With Trinkets and Charms Made From The Finest  
Silver & The Brightest Gems.

We do stock a large range of Sterling silver and gemstone jewellery but as most of it is one of a kind pieces or is constantly changing, we have given up trying to keep this page up to date. So you will just have to visit the shop to see what we have available. However, we do have a large selection of Pagan and Magickal jewellery including many Godess, Pentagram, Cadeuceus, Chakra, Fairy, Dragon, witch, unicorn etc. items. If there is anything specific you are looking for, please feel free to give us a call on 01726 844689 and we can try to find what you are seeking. 
The pictures below are just a few samples of the type of jewellery we sell.

We have a huge range of surgical steel belly bars from £3.99 each


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We have a large range of nose studs/wires/rings from £1.25

Fancy mood rings £1.99 each

Plain mood rings 99p each

Sterling silver ear studs £1.99 each

Gemstone rings 99p each

Sterling silver toe rings £4.99 each

We have a range of sterling silver and gemstone rings please call for details.

We have a range of sterling silver rings including pentagrams, tree of life and  celtic designs. Please call for details

Gemchip bracelets £1.50 each.

Lace ring and bracelet sets £5.99 each also lace and bead arm bracelets £5.99 each

A range of chakra necklaces and bracelets

Pretty lace chokers £6.99 each

We also have a huge and constantly changing range of fashion jewellery