The Greenman, Greenwoman, The Lord & Lady of the Wildwoods 

Small hawthorne man £15.99

Small Greenspirit

Large Hawthorne man £35.99

Small Mad Greenman coloured £13.99

Small coloured gothic greenman £13.99

Midsummer cold cast bronze finish wall plaque £14.99

Large green oakman £35.99

Large coloured greenspirit £35.99

Large mad greenman £35.99

Large greenspirit £35.99

Small Oakman £15.99

Solstice greenwoman £15.99

Autumn Equinox cold cast bronze finish wall plaque £14.99

Winter cold cast bronze finish wall plaque £14.99

Beltane cold cast bronze wall plaque £14.99

Small smilng concrete green man £7.99


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Set of four coasters with Lisa Parlkers greenman design
£5.50 the set

Large concrete greenman £26.99

Peeping concrete greenman £9.99

Celtic greenman mugs
£4.99 each

Where Would You Like To Go Next

Small Prima Vera wall plaque £15.99

Nemesis Now Greenman door knocker £10.99

Puckator Greenman door knocker £13.99

Small Lady Tendril Greenwoman wall plaque £15.99

Spring green wall plaque £7.99

Huge Wylde Jack wall plaque £33.99  (38cm tall and 32cm wide) 

Spring green wall plaque £7.99

Concrete Celtic Greenman £13.50

small Green Mistress wall plaque £15.99

small Majesty greenman £15.99

Greenman keyring £3.50

Medium concrete Acorn man plaque £21.99

Greenman brooch £4.50 - Greenman pendant £4.99
Made from Cornish pewter here in Cornwall Nr England

Medium concrete fern man plaque £21.99

Large concrete starman £15.99

Huge green concrete acorn man £26.99

Large green concrete Oakman £15.99

Small wise old greenman £13.50

Large wise old greenman £26.99

Greenman wheel of the year plaque 27cm in diameter £31.99

Large Serene Greenman £29.99

Large Ivy Greenman £33.99

Large Treebeard Greenman £33.99

Medium Treebeard Greenman £15.99

Round celtic Greenman wall plaque  design A £15.99

Round celtic Greenman wall plaque  design B £15.99

Small Fustian Greenman wall plaque £15.99

Small Venisian Greenman wall plaque £15.99

Small Green Nature Greenman wall plaque £15.99

Small Foliate Greenman wall plaque £15.99

Small Green Flora Greenwoman wall plaque £15.99

Hand carved wooden Greenman Lge £19.99
Sm £9.99

Greenman fridge magnets £2.99 each

Greenman clock £9.99

Star Greenman small £15.99

Summer Isles Winter Greenman £10.99

Summer Isles Spring Greenman £10.99

Summer Isles Autumn Greenman £10.99

Summer Isles Summer greenman £10.99