So here it is at last.... A home for you to show off your dark and creepy creatures of the night. So send us your photos. You know the drill by now.... so don't send us a photo of you fluffy white poodle wearing a studded collar.... not unless you are prepared to give him a Mohican and dye him purple.... So only pets with some real Goth credentials need apply.

However we do also have Alice who was presented to us by one of our customers as a tiny scrap of a kitten and then grew into the fearsome pizza munching beast shown below. We suggest that everyone ignores her intrinsic whiteness and accepts her as a Goth Kitty or she is liable to have your leg off.......

And then there is our friend Cindy's evil kitten twins Shadow and Phantom..... You only have to look at the photos to know what evil creatures these are going to grow into....... Residents of St. Austell, be afraid..... be very afraid. We know their mother Ruby but we suspect their father was the Beast of Bodmin.

Hold on two heads...
5 legs.... It's Zaphod Beeblecat.

What have you done to those poor kittens Cindy........

This another Shadow... He belongs to our good buddies Ian & Ana who keep telling us he is only a puppy....

Looks more like a Wolf cub to us.

He is in fact an Inuit sledge dog and believe it or not he was actually a puppy when these pictures were taken. Given that he has already eaten his cage, their furniture, all the fish out of their pond, their carpets and their staircase..... we are afraid that one day he may eat the car the house and the children.

This is Kes who is not very Goth but her Goth credentials come from the fact that she belongs to Fayley from Dare Gothic. You can't get better Goth credentials than that.....

And not forgetting Fayley's cute Kitty Kats D'ae and Me'a

These demonic darlings are Pepper and Gucci who live with Carolyn who is one of our regular customers. You just have to look into their eyes to know that they will be trouble......

Once there was a cute little kitten called Smog

Who grew into a big bad kitty.....

He lives with our customer Lisa

This is regular customer Mark with his pet snake who is rather imaginively called "Snake.
He also has some little furry friends.... The one on the right is called Anubis. 

Our Super Saturday girl Kate has a few pets including this ferocious looking rotweiller  and this amazing blue tongue skink.....

Steve and Sam brought their pet skunk called Humbug into the shop so we could get a photo. He is georgous and very friendly. He also loves caramel bars as you can see.
Bazz has still not got over the first time they brought Humbug to visit. Sam marched into the shop and just dropped him on the counter if front of Rose.

I'm sure most people would have just shreiked in horror .... but not Rose Oh No.... she immediately picked him up and clutched him to her chest like a baby saying "Ahhhh isn't he lovely".
It was only some time later that she actually thought to ask if he had been de-scented.

Leslie sent us some pictures of her cute kitties Bhindie and Sophie. She also sent a picture of Jack (that's the rabbit) who you may think couldn't be any less Goth.... however notice the look in Jack's eye...... I wouldn't be leaving my throat exposed anywhere near a rabbit that looks like that.

Amanda sent us picture of her very fluffy cat called Buffy. Thanks Amanda

Another customer called Amanda sent this picture of her cute kitty called Poppy

Emma sent us several pictures of her Goth kittie called chuckie looking cute on her lap and looking mean on the computer and the one bellow...... Well Chuckie.... is that strictly necessary..... This is a family site you know.............

Laurena sent us pictures of her menagery including Floyde and Phoebie above....
And Smokie and Webster bellow.

Mandy sent us photos of the very fluffy China Angel above and  Deigo and Mawgan bellow.

Elizabeth and Simon sent us this picture of Buzz...... our first ever Goth Budgie

Carolyn sent these pictures of her cute kitty Loki

Tiff sent these pictures of her furry friends but didn't give us their names.

Caz sent a picture of her Goth Kittie called Salem. Now this is more like it guys..... at least Salem is making some effort to be a real Goth pet and looks stunning in his vampire cape.

So that's it for now.... but keep sending your Goth pet photos to us..... We know they are out there.... we hear them slithering and sculking, wailing and howling in the undergrowth.... we see little red eyes peering at us from behind the tombestones as we walk through the graveyard at midnight.


Where Would You Like To Go Next

Do not under any circumstances click on the button below..... No, really... We mean it...... You may think we are just saying that to get you to press it anyway.... but we are not joking here..... Just don't go there....... And if you do, don't come running to us for help..... and don't expect us to clean up the mess either.    

Terry & Star sent this picture of their Goth Kitty at Samhain looking very wicked sitting in the doorway. Thanks guys.

Silverstreak sent us this photo of herself and her Husky Spirit out for a walk in the woods. Thanks for the nice photo you both look awsome.

So we will start with our own evil twins. Dave on the left and Harold on the right. If ever there were cats who embraced the dark side.... these are they. The Feline poxyness is strong in them. Dave lives with us at home and Harold is the shop cat. We dare not let them get together or there will be big trouble for all of us. Harold actually lives in the flat above the shop but spends his days downstairs with us entertaining our customers.