OK... So you really want to ride around in a horse drawn hearse but don't have room for the stables.... So What do you do?
You get yourself a

Just to get the ball rolling here, we will show you ours.....
Then we expect you to show us yours....
So brace yourselves...  Now some of you may remember our previous car the Black Pearl. Sadly we have had to part with her. To be honest driving around in a 3.5 litre gas guzzling monster just didn't seem quite right somehow.... So we have taken steps to improve the situation and have purchased a much faster 4.2 litre gas guzzling monster. Behold the mighty Kitty Kat.
She may look cute....... but she is a bad kitty with teeth and claws.

We also have Fifi who isn't quite as pretty but she does have some nice bats and a 2 litre injection engine which puts it into the "sports van" category.

So lets have a look at some classic gothmobiles.... Starting with Elvira's Macabre Mobile which was almost as curvacious and sexy as the lady herself

OK... I'll get back to the cars... but I can't resist an opportunity to include a few pictures of the mistress of the dark.

Then there is the ever growing family of batmobiles

The beautiful but deadly Christine.....

Then there is mad max's Road Warrior

Does anyone remember the movie The Car..... Crap movie but a scary car

Then there were The Munsters Cars

Anyone remeber David Caradine in Deathrace 2000

But none of these are real cars I hear you cry....... We can't buy one of these.... but this one you can....... The stunningly gorgeous Plymouth Prowler.

We really didn't want to do this because David Hasselhoff was such a Dork in the series.... but Ian insisted. We do have to admit the car was pretty cool.

So go buy
one now!

Ryan suggested some of the cars from the Wacky races cartoon especialy Dick Dastardly & Mutley's car 00  and the Creepy Coupe

Here is the first of our customers Goth mobiles
Dr Boots and Tammy's Goth Trike

They also sent pictures of these little beauties

Angie and Geoff sent these pictures of their monster trucks
Merlin & Spellbound

Now this is really special.... The unbearably beautiful Holden Efijy. Sadly this is just a concept car but if they ever make a production version..... I'll be selling the house to buy one. 

Here are some more dark and dangerous vehicle snapped for us by Dr Boots & Tammy

The hot and racey young lady below bears more than a passing resemblance to Elvira. Well Bazz has always maintained that the Mistress of the Dark would give you the ride of your life..... Seems like he may be right.

This beast of a van was lovingly built by John...

This dark and deadly Ford Capri has been lovingly restored by Maxen Derive

And below is a picture of Maxen herself.
Maybe we should talk Top Gear into having new feature.... "Goth Babe in a reasonably priced Gothmobile.

Some people have commented on the lack of hearses on our Goth Motors page...
So we have put together a collection of the most beautiful hearses you will ever see.

And at last we have our first customer hearse

Both of these beauties are owned by Leigh who runs a Gothic Limosine hire and a Gothic Disco business.
Check out the website

Charles suggested The Black Beauty - Driven by the Green Hornet in the US TV series of the same name.

Lynn Kimbell sent us these pictures of some ghastly Gothmobiles

This nice young man is Chris from Manchester who sent us pictures of his pride and joy.... The Yamaha Raider.

These photos were sent in by Alucard of his stunning Gothic
motor (called Mina)..... We are not sure who the pretty young lady with him is but they do make a stunning trio we think. Thanks Alucard.

And then we were contacted by some very nice people who had seen our Goth Motors page and informed us that they ran a Gothic Motor racing team.....

Paul sent us some pictures of his very Beautiful Gothic Chevy

Paul also organises the Whitby Custom event every year. So check out his website for more details

Eric Sorenson from Kansas sent us pictures of this little beauty

It started life in 1929 as a Ford Coupe but over the last 80 or so years it seems to have evolved a little.

Thanks Eric.

So that's it for now. But keep those photos coming in and we will put your wicked wheels on the gallery for you.


Where Would You Like To Go Next

Do not under any circumstances click on the button below..... No, really... We mean it...... You may think we are just saying that to get you to press it anyway.... but we are not joking here..... Just don't go there....... And if you do, don't come running to us for help..... and don't expect us to clean up the mess either.    

The following are a few gothmobiles I found lurking on the internet. If anyone knows anything about these beauties.... Please let me know.

Brandon sent us these pictures of his beautiful Gothic Campervan. We love it. Thanks Brandon.

Robert sent these cool pics of a very Goth motorbike and sidecar. Thanks Rob.

She is so cool liquid nitrogen dribbles out of her exhaust pipe. She is so fast she could beat a Delorian to the future and back. She is so beautiful she leaves supermodels standing in front of mirrors weeping. She is so big we have had to have our driveway widened to accomodate her. She is so awesome that the word awesome somehow just doesn't come close to describing her. If you are driving in Cornwall and you hear a throbbing growling noise behind you..... try not to blink..... and you might just catch a glimpse of her cute rear end as she disappears over the horizon