So here they are those dark sirens, Queens of the shadows and Gothic Goddesses who captured Bazz's young, tender, innocent heart and turned him to the darkside all those many years ago. Along with all of those modern day Femme Fatales who still keep him lurking in the shadows.

Morticia Adams
from the original TV series and the Movie

The one and only.....
The incomparable...... 
The divine Elvira

The delicious Diana Rigg as Emma Peel. Not strictly a Goth but she introduced Bazz to girls in leather and chains....

Toyah. Again, not strictly a Goth but she knew how to do big hair and amazing makeup.

The one, The only, The Original Siouxsie sioux

And last but by no means least. The delightfull Wednesday Adams from the original TV series and the movies. If only all children were this cute.

OK Guys.... Confession time...... Bazz has owned up to his darkest desires. (not to mention shown his age) Now it's your turn. Who was your first Mistress of the Dark. Who was the first femme fatale to awaken the darkness in your soul.
Let us know and we will add them to the gallery.
If you have a fave photo email it to us, if not we will do our best to find one for you.

The deliciously dark and deadly Drucila from Buffy the Vampire slayer.
Suggested by Ian

Wiggy emailed us to suggest Emily the Strange and Ruby Gloom

And as we seem to be straying into the realms of cartoon babes.... Bazz just had to incude the beautifully anarchic Tank Girl in both her human and cartoon forms.
But lets not get too carried away with cartoon babes as we have no room for the likes of Betty Boop or Jesica Rabbit on this page.

Here is Kate Beckinsale who is now present by public demand from van Helsing and Underworld fans

Here is The stunning Dita Von Tease in a suitably witchy outfit.

Lots of people have suggested the legendary Bette Paige. This is one of her less risque photos (We are desperately trying to avoid becoming a porn site here)

Bazz's son Ryan has suggested the spookily stunning Winona Ryder, seen here in Betlejuice

Ryan also suggested Elektra from the Daredevil movie. Thus proving that he is just like his dad and can't resist a pretty woman in black leather.......

Tarja Turunen former singer with the band Nightwish..... A babe indeed (Thanks Dave)

Here is the sumptious Venus Raygun from the Gothabilly band Empress of Fur. Thanks Andy

And of course there are always the three lovely vampires from movie Van Helsing.

And then there is Amy Lee from Evanescence.
Thanks Louise.

Here is the young, dark and scientific Abby Sciuto from the program NCIS - played by Pauley Perette. Thanks Charles

I Know, I Know... we said no more cartoon Goth Babes.... But how could we resist Mona The Vampire and her super cool vampire cat called Fang

Don't blame us, blame our grandaughter Alyssa.....

Not forgetting the Gothic temptress from the Carry On Screaming Movie, played by the darkly divine Fanella Fielding.
Thanks Dean.

Then there is Helena Bonham-Carter. Some may dispute her Gothness but she does live with Tim Burton which is more than enough Goth credentials for us. She is also Barking Mad (as you would expect living with Tim Burton) which we quite like as well. Thanks to Ian who has no need to be distraught anymore.

J-rock fan Victoria sent us this picture of Mana who is a musician, a clothing designer and a stunning Goth Babe.

This was always going to be tricky as mana is in fact male rather than female.... So we were never sure which page to put him on.......

Thanks Victoria.

This is a stunning Gothic model who goes by the name of "Industrial Bitch"
Thanks for the photo Amber

I know we said no more cartoon babes.....

But Jeff was most upset that we had missed out Lenore. Thanks for the pics Jeff.

Chris suggested Kelly Osbourne.... We feel that she is sometimes a little too colourful to be a true Goth..... but given that her father is the Prince of Darkness.... who are we to argue.

Then there is Mona and her little Batty friend Froderick. Mona is sure to stir your pixelated passions and Froderick is very cute..... They are stars of the computer game "A Vampyre Story"
Developed by Bill Tyler check out the game here

When this page started, it was intended to show the Goth Babes of yesteryear who turned Bazz's young and tender heart to the dark side..... Since our customers have brought the page up to the current day.... Bazz has decided to add some the dark beauties that keep him lurking in the shadows to this very day.

Well obviously there is Rose, who Bazz considers to be the most gorgous Goth Babe that ever graced the darkside of this or any other universe..... But then he is just a teensey little bit biased here

Then there is the firey Simone Simmons the amazing singer with the band Epica.

And there is Lori Linstruth who is not only a Goth Babe par excellence... she is also one of the finest guitarists around. Currently with the band Guilt Machine but previously with the awsome band Stream of Passion.

Marcelo Bovio. The singer with Stream of Passion. Stunning to look at and stunning to listen to as well. One of the best voices around at the moment.

Sharon Den Adel - Singer with Within Temptation. Another stunning lady with a stunning voice, singing with a stunning band.

Here is the darkly divine Lisa Middelhauve - former singer with the band Xandria.

Here is Jari Ojala from the band Silentium. You are probably spotting a trend here and discovering the sort of music Bazz is listening to at the moment.

Here is Cristina Scabbia from the band Lacuna Coil.

And any of you who are wondering who all these bands are...... Go check them out as they are all brilliant and show just how much the UK music scene sucks at the moment.

That's all for now, but please keep those photo's and suggestions coming in.


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