Huge concrete Buddha garden ornament £31.99
Please note he is too large and heavy to post out so only available from the shop.

Small Brass singing bowls - beautiful sound - Only £18.99

Medium Red Buddhas £2.99each

Small Red Buddhas £1..50 each

White Solar Powered Chinese waving cats - £6.99each  


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Buddha fridge magnets 99p each

Small wood look Buddhas £1.50 each

Small coloured glitter Buddhas £1.75 each

Small concrete Ganesh garden ornament £17.99

Patterned brass singing bowl £26.99

Singing bowl mats and sticks as seen above, are also available seperately at £2.99 each

Mini Chinese Buddha world figures £1.99 each

Wooden concave and convex bagwa mirrors £4.99 each

Large robed Buddha garden ornament £19.99

Basic Tinksha bells £6.99 each

For mail order, call us on
01726 844689
Or email us at

Large sleeping Buddha concrete garden ornament £22.99

Large Ganesh concrete garden ornament £21.99

Large resting Buddha garden ornament £22.99

Colourful Ganesh figures £4.99 each

Lucky elephant incense stick holders £2.99 each

Red and gold sitting mini Buddhas £1.50 each

Ivory sitting mini Buddhas 99p each

Red mini Buddhas 75p each

Red and gold mini standing Buddhas 99p each

White mini sitting Buddhas £1.50 each

Glass Chinese style Buddha £5.99

Mini Chinese dragons 99p each

Glass Thai style Buddha £5.99

Large red and gold Ganesh figure £9.99

Large brown and silver Buddha figure £9.99

Small Lucky money toad £4.99

medium Lucky money toad £7.99

Large Lucky money toad £9.99

Large laughing Buddha figure £4.99

White Buddha incense stick/cone holders
£3.50 each

Sparkly elephant ash catchers £3.99 each

White or gold Solar Powered Chinese waving cats on cushion - £6.99each  

Small Sparkly gold lucky waving cats £6.99

Medium Sparkly gold lucky waving cats £7.99

Large  Sparkly gold lucky waving cats £9.99

Chinese Cats of Good Fortune. These cats wave their paw to beckon in good luck and prosperity. Many shops and Restaurants have them as they are believed to bring in customers

Small Shiny silver lucky waving cats £6.99

Small Shiny gold lucky waving cats £6.99