Resin fairy doors
Small 10cm tall - £3.99
Large 15cm tall - £7.99
Huge 25 cm tall - £14.99

Fairy stationary sets - ten sheets of parchment paper and matching envelopes £6.99 a set. 6 designs available.

Mini pewter fairies - hand made in Cornwall from Cornish Pewter
£5.99 each

Cornish pewter piskie on a Cornish pasty £5.99

Fairy wish coins £3.50

Mini horses with horns and wings which makes them pegacorns or unisuses - not sure which £1.50 each

Unicorn figures £3.99 each

Large concrete fairy garden wall plaque £11.99


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White fairy goblets £11.99 each

Lisa Parker - Fairy with white cloak and lantern £18.99

Nemesis Now Zasu fairy £13.50

Nemesis Now Serena fairy £13.50

Fairy trinket boxes £3.99 each

Tall Fairy trinket boxes £4.50 each

Nemesis Now Lunaria fairy £22.50You can also burn an incenc e cone under the toadstool.

Nemesis Now Kiera fairy with dragon £11.99

Nemesis Now Morrigan fairy £14.99

Nemesis Now Layla fairy £16.99

The sewing fairy £29.99

Cesca fairy with bunnies £24.99

Waterfall fairy£27.99

Summer Isles Fairy Door £3.99 each

Mini fairy doors £1.99 each or £2.99 for the fridge magnet.

Plump fairy and mermaid fridge magnets £2.99 each

Plump fairy wall decorations £3.99 each

Plump mermaid wall decorations £3.99 each

Large Plump mermaid wall decorations £10.99

Large Plump fairy wall decorations £10.99

White fairy riding unicorn £19.99

Fairy snow globes £3.50 each

Pink Fairy sitting on moon £1.99 each

mini fairies with gold orbs £1.99 each

mini fairies with jewels £1.99 each

Fairy and unicorn snow globes £5.50 each

Large terracotta mermaid wall plaques £16.99 each

Fairy with mushroom faces £3.99 each

Lilac fairy with unicorn £2.50 each

Woodland fairies £4.50 each

fairy dust £1.25 per bottle. Safe for use as makup.

Fairy riding unicorn ceramic trinket box £4.50

Glass Aracnafaria clock £14.99

Pastel fairy riding unicorn in either blue or pink £9.99

La Fae Verte Absinthe glazed ceramic bottle £13.50

Large pink fairy on the moon £10.99

Small pewter fairies with sparkly wings £2.99 each

Sitting Pegasus figures £4.99 each

Large Anne Stokes 3D pictures 15" x 12" (38cm x 30cm) all £4.99 each

Cornish pewter purse piskie £1.50

Cornish pewter fairy trinket box £11.99

Cornish pewter surfing piskie £5.50

Cornish pewter piskie sitting on a tree stump £5.50

Cornish pewter Piskie on a toadstool £3.50

Cornish pewter - Paul the smallest piskie £1.75

Cornish pewter Piskie keyring £4.50

Cornish pewter Piskie sitting in lucky horseshoe keyring £4.50

Cornish pewter mermaid £6.50