Stroppy dragon concrete garden ornament £22.99
10 inches tall

Huge water dragon concrete garden ornament £48.99
Pick up from shop only - we cannot post it OK!

Concrete gargoyle wall ornament £10.99

Concrete Scaley dragon garden ornament £22.99

Concrete Gargoyle garden ornament with clasped hands 
6 inches tall - £14.99

Concrete baby dragon in hand - garden wall ornament £17.99
9 inches tall

Concrete sleepy dragon  garden ornament £13.99 - 9 inches long

Black mini armour dragons £1.99 each

Smoking dragon incense burners...... (much better than beagles)  £3.99
Put the lighted incense cone inside and the smoke comes out of his mouth.


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Huge cute dragon concrete garden ornament £39.99
Pick up from shop only - we cannot post it OK!

Horned demon concrete garden ornament £19.99

Big eared Troll concrete garden ornament £19.99

Ceramic dragon wall tile £4.99

Large silver dragon welcome wall plaque £12.99

Mini Chinese dragons 99p each

Dragon on books trinket boxes £3.99 each

Large black dragon trinket/tarot box £19.99

Glitter dragons on swords £3.99 each

Large gryphon garden ornament £22.99

Black dragons with red or blue jewells £4.99 each

Dragon and skull t-light holders in red or green £7.99 each

Large Dragon candle holder £15.99

Dragon head garden wall ornament £18.99

St. George Dragon ridge tile £53.99

Gryphon ridge tile £53.99

Concrete goblin garden wall plaques in 3 designs £6.99 each

Small sand dragons £2.25 each

Black dragon goblets - 2 designs £9.99 each

Small smiling garden troll faces £.99 each

Cornish pewter Dragon brooch £4.50

Large Cornish pewter Dragon brooch £7.99

Anne Stokes large 3D dragon prints £4.99 each

Large cheeky dragon garden ornament £29.99

Dragon skull ash catcher £7.99

Cornish pewter dragon figure £13.99

Sideways dragon ash catcher £11.99

Purple dragon ash catcher £12.99

Purple dragon with letter opener £18.99

Blue dragon with letter opener £18.99

Black dragon toilet roll holder £14.99

Black dragon door knocker £10.99

Dragon swagger cane £27.99
These are decorative items and not designed to be load bearing walking sticks.

Sigil of lineage huge light up dragon £22.99

Medium light up dragons in blue, red, green or purple
£13.99 each

Large light up dragons in green, blue, red or purple 
£19.99 each 

Large dragon on cross trinket box £13.99

Large dragon pentagran trinket box £9.99

Coloured geode dragons £2.50 each

Sentry dragon with his own gothic sentry box £14.99

Dragon pen pots £5.50 each

Small dragon trinket boxes with skulls £4.50 each

Large Red and purple dragons on skulls
£7.99 each

Black dragon trinket boxes £6.99 each

Small purple, red or green dragons on skulls
£3.99 each

Small dragons with gold orbs £4.50 each