You may not be aware of it, but you have probably used candle magic many times before........
 "Close you eyes, make a wish
and blow out all the candles"
Does this sound familiar..... This simple birthday ritual has its roots in ancient Pagan spellcraft.
Even Today Candle Magic is still one of the most popular forms of spellwork and is a good starting point for all those wishing to explore a magical path.

T-Lites 10p each or 12 for £1.00

Black Celtic ball candles £4.99

4" solid colour candles 30p each. Perfect for use as spell candles.

Solid colour, unscented, 8" candles - 8 hour burn time 70p each

Top quality Church candles
150 hour 10" x 3" £9.99
100 hour 7" x 3" £4.99
75 hour 9" x 2" £3.99
50 hour 6" x 2" £3.50
50 hour 3" x 3" £2.99
25 hour 3" x 2" £1.99
Vanilla bean 100 hour £5.99
Vanilla bean 50 hour £3.50

metal candle plates 1.99p

Large Wooden mirror sconce £27.99

Large Fluinders sconce £23.99

Celtic goddess candle holder £4.99 each


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Curly wood and glass sconce £29.99

Curly candle plate sconce £14.99

Metal scroll candle plate £16.99

Large pentagram and roses t-light holder £16.99

Natural beeswax candle 4 inch - 50p each

Wood and metal candle snuffers £4.99 each

Scented t-lights in various fragrances £2.50 per pack of 6

Pewter pentagram candle holders - ideal for our 4 inch spell candles £9.99 each

Small twisty gothic candle sconce £7.99

Pewter pentagram taper candle holder £10.99

Pretty glass t-light holders £1.99 each

Large Dragon candle holder £15.99

Skull and crossbones t-light holder £10.99

Weeping rose pyramid candles
Small £3.99
Medium £6.99
Large £9.99

Weeping rose taper candles £5.99 for a pack of 4

Weeping rose Large pillar candle £9.50

Weeping rose small pillar candle £4.99

Dragon and skull t-light holders in red or green £7.99 each

We also stock a large range of solid colour unfragranced figure candles. Pleas contact us for details.
on 01726 844689

Dark angel candle stick holder

Wood back gothic Candle sconce £33.99

Long snake sconce £18.99