We stock a huge range of books on Pagan, Wiccan, Spiritual, Divination, Gothic, Fairy, Angelic, Healing & all manner of other Metaphysical subjects.

The range of Pagan, Wiccan, spiritual and metaphysical books we stock is always evolving and changing but we have listed some of the most popular titles which we try to keep in stock below. We do usually have many more titles in stock, so if you don't find what you are looking for on the list, please contact us as we may be able to source what you are looking for or suggest something suitable for you.

Title                                                                                       Author                                                           Price      
The complete book of incense, oils & brews                     Scott  Cunningham                                     £14.99
Gothic grimoire                                                                  Konstantinos                                              £13.99
Nocternal witchcraft                                                          Konstantinos                                                £14.99
The encyclopedia of magical herbs                                   Scott Cunningham                                        £15.50
The road less travelled                                                      M. Scott Peck                                               £ 8.99
Hedgewitch                                                                         Rea Beth                                                      £ 8.99
The hedgewitches way                                                       Rea Beth                                                        £ 8.99
Spellcraft for hedgewitches                                                Rea Beth                                                       £ 7.99
The crystal bible                                                                Judy Hall                                                       £14.99
The tarot bible                                                                  Sarah Barttlett                                               £13.99
The Astrology bible                                                          Judy Hall                                                         £13.99
Working with guides and angels                                     Ruth White                                                      £ 7.99
Working with spirit guides                                                Ruth White                                                     £8.99
Crystal gem and metal magic                                         Scott Cunningham                                            £15.99
Pendulum dowsing                                                            Casandra Eason                                             £ 9.99
Nature spirits and elemental beings                                 Marko Pogacnik                                            £10.99
Crafting a magical life                                                      Carol Holaday                                                £ 9.99
Magical incenses and oils                                               Anna Franklin                                                  £10.95
Handfasting                                                                      Anna Franklin                                                 £11.95
Experiencing the greenman                                             
Rob Hardy & Teresa Mooret                          £10.95
Witch School First DegreeRev.                                  
Rev. Donald Lewis  Highcorrell                          £19.99
Witch School second degree                                        Rev. Donald Lewis-Highcorrell                           £19.99
Witch school third degree                                           Rev. Donald Lewis-Highcorrell                            £19.99
Crystal balls and crystal bowls                                       Ted Andrews                                                     £15.50
The essential herbs handbook                                       Lesley Bremness                                                 £10.99
The essential oils handbook                                           Jennie Harding                                                   £10.99
The Essential Crystals Handbook                                 Simon and Sue Lilly                                            £10.99
The bardic handbook                                                     Kevan Manwaring                                             £14.99
The enchanted world of Peter Pracownick                  Peter Pracownik                                                 £12.95
Herbcraft - a guide to the shamanicand
                   ritual use of herbs                                      Anna Franklin & SusanLavender                       £19.95
The dream dictionary A to Z                                        Theresa Cheun                                                    £12.99
Solitary witch                                                                Silver Ravenwolf                                                 £20.99
Rites of passage                                                            hristine Hall                                                         £9.95
The Magick Toolbx                                                      Carl Neal                                                            £16.99
Bucklands cmplete book of witchcraft                       Raymond Buckland                                             £18.99
The eldritch world                                                        Nigel Pennick                                                      £10.95
Tarot made easy                                                          Nancy Garen                                                        £10.99
The two hour tarot                                                       Wilma Carroll                                                     £8.99
The essential guide to the tarot                                    David Fontana                                                   £10.99
Ley Lines                                                                       Danny Sullivan                                                     £12.99
The Craft - a witches book of shadows                     Dorothy Morrison                                                £15.50
Hedgewitch - spells, crafts and rituals                       Silver Ravenwolf                                                  £17.99
Green Witchcraft                                                        Ann Moura                                                          £14.99  
Goth Craft                                                                   Raven Digitalis                                                    £16.99  
Moon Mysteries                                                          Jan Brodie                                                           £9.95
The Aromatherapy Bible                                             Gill Farrer-Halls                                                 £13.99
Wiccan Spirituality                                                     Kevin Saunders                                                    £12.99
The spellbinding power of palmistry                           Johnny Fincham                                                 £12.99    
Candling for optimal health (ear candlig)                 Gilly Hamilton                                                      £8.99
Power animals                                                            Steven D Farmer                                                  £9.99
Dowsing for answers                                                  Wilma Davidson                                                  £12.99
The beginners guide to wicca                                     Kirsten Riddle                                                     £12.99 
Wicca - a guide for the solitary practitioner              Scott Cunningham                                               £12.99
Solitary Eclectic witchcraft                                        Liz Pilly                                                                £8.95
Crystals for health                                                      Cassandra Eason                                                 £9.99
Crystals for love and relationships                             Cassandra Eason                                                £9.99
Moon magic                                                                Sally Morningstar                                                £6.99
Meditation made easy                                                 Stephanie Brookes                                              £12.99
 The encyclopedia of Magic and witchcraft               Susan Greenwood                                               £12.99


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