Large Goddess Athame in gold finish £15.99 each


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John Barnet. English Civil War Tuck sword with very nice leather scabbard £114.99 These are good quality swords which Bazz has used for re-enactment purposes.

Large black handle athame with leather sheath £29.99

Black armed forces lock knife slim £6.99

Black handle lock knife stubby £9.99

Black lock knife  £7.99

Double bladed dragon lock knife  £12.99

Black armed forces lock knife stubby £7.99

Brass and wood athame £6.99

Stainless steel athame £6.99

Brass and MOP athame £6.99

Dagger of De'Ath with stand £24.99

Celtic athame with wooden stand  £24.99

Kraken dagger with wooden stand £29.99

Predator dagger with ceramic blade. £21.99

Excalibur sword £79.99

Hand forged cavilry sword £69.99

Infantry sword £69.99

Black widow short sword £44.99

Skull short sword £42.99

Indian style sable in red or purple velvet covered  scabbard £15.99

Brass and MOP athame £6.99

Skean Dubh style athame with Celtic sheath £19.99

Skull short sword £42.99

Large Richard the Lionheart sword £79.99

Straight blade samurai sword £34.99.
Comes with wooden display stand

Armed forces survival knife. £9.99
Three blades.

Hand forged Horn handle boline £79.99. hand crafted at the Millstream Forge 

Set of 3 black throwing knives £10.99

Set of 3 stainles steel throwing knives £10.99

Set of
3 black double bladed throwing knives £10.99

All manner of sharp, pointy and shiney things for your delectation. 

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