Aromatherapy Essential Oils
10ml bottles

Cedarwood £2.95
Cinammon £2.99
Citronella £2.99
Clary Sage £5.50
Clove £3.30
Cypress £3.99
Eucalyptus £2.99
Frankincense £8.99
Frankincense (5% dilute) £3.50
Geranium £8.50
Ginger £4.50
Grapefruit £3.30
Jasmin £4.99
Juniper £5.99
Lavender £2.95
Lemon £2.99
Marjoram £5.10
Orange £2.50
Palma Rosa £3.75
Patchouli £5.50
Peppermint £2.50
Petitgrain £3.60
Pine £3.45
Roman Chamomile
(5% dilute) £3.99
Rose 5% dilute £5.50
Rosemary £2.99
Rosewood £3.50
Sandlewood £4.99
Tea Tree £2.99
Ylang Ylang £4.50

Carrier Oils 100ml bottles
Sweet Almond £2.75
Peach Kernal £3.50
Wheatgerm £1.99
All our oils are 100% pure and free from any additives or impurities. We only use reliable and trusted suppliers. Beware of cheap imitations.

Ear Candles - come in  Lavender or Rose fragrances £3.99 per pair.


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The picture says it all really

Extra strong patchouli perfume oil. £2.99 a bottle. Spiritual sky, Tree of life and Ganesha brands. 

Ready mixed essential oils. just add to carrier oil for massage use. Energising £3.99, Relaxing £2.99, Sensual £4.99 Less stress £3.99 and happiness £3.50 available. 

- Packs of pure fresh lavender £2.99 each
- Fresh lavender in pretty organsa bag for putting in drawers or hanging in wardrobes £3.99 each
- Lavender Pillows filled with fresh lavender - refillable  £3.99  each

De-luxe Lavender and wheat cushions. Heat them in the microwave and put the wherever it hurts. Very soothing £8.99 each

Room fragrance sprays £2.99 each. 
Available in the following fragrances.
Citrus Burst
Nag Champa
Summer Rose
Sea Breeze
White Musk
Cinnamon & Oranget

Massage / bath oils
Nag Champa £4.99
Joints Ease £4.50
Sensual £4.50

Tiger balm £3.99
Pleas note that no tigers are harmed in the poduction of Tiger Balm. It's just what it's called. :)

small tins of tiger balm rub 50p each

Pretty essential oil boxes
Small holds 6 £7.99

Pretty essential oil boxes 
medium holds 12 £12.99

Pretty essential oil boxes 
Large holds 24