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Amazing 3D art prints - Anne Stokes and Lisa Parker Designs available as large prints or as post cards

Large prints £4.99 each
Post cards £1.35 each

Large concrete sleeping cat garden ornament £26.99

Large wall hanging Celtic cross 21" tall £29.99

Large Free standing Celtic cross 24" tall £39.99

Medium wall hanging Celtic cross £10.99

Small round  wall hanging Celtic cross £9.99

Small wall hanging Celtic cross £10.99

Gump door knocker £13.99

Clod door knocker £13.99

Wooden staffs 4 feet long  
straight £17.99
knobby end £19.99

Bat sun catchers £9.99

Large Bat sun catchers £12.99

Cat sun catchers £9.99

Large Cat sun catchers £12.99

Zombie pencil/pen holder £9.99

Zombie Incense holder £10.99

Zombie hand t-light  holder £4.99 each

Glass sorrow for the lost clock £14.99

Large wolf figure £13.99

mini  wolf figures £1.99 each

Raven on skull £14.99

Ceramic trinket boxes £4.50 each various Lisa Parker designs available

Poison decanter £10.99

All of these bottles are now fully glazed and will hold liquid so can be used as decanters.

Beware skull and crossbones flask £10.99

Witches Aperitif flask £10.99

Owl Witches Potion
Bottle £13.50

Cat bewitching Potion
Bottle £13.50

Green fairy Absynth bottle £13.50

Owl love potion bottle £10.99

Spell potion No, 13 bottle £10.99

Love  potion No, 9
bottle £10.99

The wild one wolf mug £4.50

Wolf song wolf mug £4.50

Loyal Companionss  wolf mug £4.50

Black witches cat mug £3.99

I love pirates mug £4.99

I love Zombies mug £4.99

I love Vampires mug £4.99

Goth girl with raven coasters. Set of 4 £4.99 

Ace of spades glass coasters. Set of 4 £8.99 

Large book boxes £14.99 each

Sealing wax stamp kits £17.99 each

quill caligraphy set £25.99

Mini wooden treasure chests £3.99 each

Large (A4 size) wooden lockable book box £23.99

Mini wooden stash boxes £3.50

Metal trinket/tarot  box £7.99 

Large wood and metal chest £23.99

Medium wood and metal chest £11.99

Large brass bound wooden box £15.99

Medium brass bound wooden box £10.99

Small brass bound wooden box £6.50

Seahorses £2.50 each

Black Baphomet
figure £17.99

Black Baphomet Goblet £16.99

Large butterfly fridge magnets
99p each

Small butterfly fridge magnets
50p each

Cute cuddly hanging bats £8.99 each

Skull and crossbones fridge magnets £2.99 each

The Official Pirates of St. Piran Bumper Sticker £3.50

various Anne Stokes & Lisa Parker metal fridge magnets 99p each

The fortune teller concrete garden wall plaque £15.50

Cute terracotta garden/plant pot worms £1.99 each

Official Harod the lucky black shop cat glass figure £4.99

Worry dolls £2.99 a set

Mini dolphing figures
£1.50 each

Serene cat garden ornament £15.99

Sunbathing cat garden ornament £11.99

Bird on hands bird bath £22.99

Small curled cat garden ornament £11.99

Upright cat garden ornament £19.99

Teracotta Mayan callendar

A range of hand made greeting cards featuring the photography of our very own Bazz Cooper
£1.50 each

A wide range of  Tree Free greeting cards featuring fairies, angels, wolves, witches etc. £2.99 each

A range of our own big button badges 99p each

Lisa Parker black cat clocks £9.99 each

We have lots of other alternative lifestyle items in the other sections on the site so please have a good look around. If anything takes your fancy...... just give us a call
01726 844689