A range of enchanting and enchanted Pagan & Wiccan items. Altarware and supplies

We stock a range over 100 magical herbs available in handy spell size packs (about 5gm. For a full list of herbs available and prices, please click on the button on the right.

We stock a large range of unscented, solid colour candles in both 4" at  30p each and 8"at 70p each. Click in the button on the right for a guide to candle colours and their magickal uses.  

A range of pagan window stickers from 99p each

Male & Female figure candles available in red, white, black, blue, pink, and green. £6.99 each 

Our very own  best selling Neighbourhood Witch signs 99p each

Large black pentagram altar cloth £4.99

Large purple zodiac altar cloth £4.99

Large purple pentagram altar cloth £4.99

Large slate altar tile £19.99

Cold cast bronze finish hare with one paw up £29.99

Cold cast bronze finish hare laying £29.99

Cold cast bronze finish hare with two paws up £29.99

Cernunnos figure £17.99

Our own range of Lavender Pillow Real Magick spell kits £6.99 each.
The range includes- Love Spell, Protection spell, Wealth spell, Good health spell, Anti- Stress spell & a House Blessing spell .

These items are made by us. They are tried and trusted spells and we have had some very good reports from customers who have used them.

However in order to keep trading standards happy we are legally obliged to say. "That they are sold as nove lty items and no guarantees are given with them"
But hey... what do they know about Magick.

Large cold cast bronze finish standing Hearne figure £44.99

Cornish pewter God & Goddess altar figures £11.99 each. Hand made here in Cornwall.

Wood & Brass Pentagram ash catcher 99p

Oblong wood and brass boxes £3.50 each

Small leather coin purses £2.50 each

The next batch of items come under the heading of
If you need to ask what they are for.... you probably wouldn't want to know

Large bag of Brimstone £4.99

Coffin nails £4.99

Graveyard Dirt £4.99

Lodestones - set of two £4.50

Dragons blood ink £4.99

Large pack of dragons blood powder £7.99

Black glass pentagram altar tile £5.99

Small stone mortar and pestle £8.99 in onyx, zebra stone  or Fossil stone.

Wood mortar and pestle £4.99

Medium black soapstome mortar and pestle £10.99

Small  black soapstome mortar and pestle £7.50

Small desert sage smudge sticks £2.99

Large desert sage smudge sticks with various fragrant herbs
 £6.99 each.

Cornish pewter
witches cat brooch £4.50
Witches cat keyring £4.50
Witch on broom brooch £4.50
Hand made in cornwall

Large Phrenology Head £33.99

Small Palmistry hand


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Bazz decided to design and produce our own exclusive range of top quality Bumper stickers, Only available at the Lavender Pillow. All available at £3.50 each

 Roses and Celtic knotwork  £11.50

Small white sage smudge sticks £4.50

medium stone mortar and pestle £12.99 in onyx, zebra stone  or Fossil stone.

Mini Goddess decoration £2.50
Ideal for the Yule tree or for your altar.

Mini moon gazing hare  decoration £1.99 each. Ideal for the Yule tree or for your altar.

Various witchy mugs £4.99 each

Various witchy mugs £4.99 each

Our original witches brew mugs £2.99 each

New Lisa Parker design witches brew mugs £3.99 each

4 inch natural unscented bees wax candles 50p each. Ideal for spell work.

Pewter salt/offering dish £4.50

Cauldron tea-light candle holders with cute litttle rats (Aaaah sweet... dear of them.) £4.99 each. They also make very nice rodent based crystal ball stands. Who could resist these little sweeties. :)

Pentagram book marks £3.99 each

Large Velvet altar cloths £23.99 each

Large brass altar pentagram £10.99

Goddess oil burner £9.99

By sunlight
By Moonlight
By Candle light
Blessed Be.

For mail order, just call us on 01726 844689
or email us at

Large Tree of life and Moon gazing hare wall plaque. 24cm tall  £26.99

Large wheel of the year plaque 27cm in dianeter £29.99

Small moon gazing hare plaques £3.99 each

Large red pentagram altar cloth £4.99

Large turquoise pentagram altar cloth £4.99

Large white pentagram altar cloth £4.99

Large ying yang altar cloth £4.99

Large greenman altar cloth £4.99

The following are a selection of large cotton scarves. They are quite thin but make good altar cloths at a budget price. The scrummy shopkeeper, however, is not inclded in the deal. :)

Moon gazing hare mirror £26.99

Cold cast bronze finish moon gazing hare £29.99

Running Hare wall plaques  £10.99 each

Twin moon gazing hare wall plaque £13.50

 Onyx hares - two designs - £5.99 each

Ceramic Goddess fridgemagnets £2.99 each

Pewter Greenman and Greenwoman altar pieces £29.99 each

Pewter altar pentagram

Large wooden wall plaque with triple moon design £19.99

Large wooden wall plaque with triple pentagram design £19.99

Rose and pentagram t-light holder.

Wooden chest with metal pentagram on the lid. £14.99

Witch ladders £2.50 each

Our own range of hand made magickal oils £3.99 per bottle. Comes in Love, Luck Wealth, Health, Business Success, Passionand calming. Also includes an instruction sheet.

Quill caligraphy set with seal stamping kit 25.99

Sealing wax and stamp kits £17.99 each

Oval bone box with pentagram £7.50

Small bone box with pentagram £5.50

Hexagonal wooden box with brass pentagram £4.99

Pewter pentagram candle holder £10.99

Copper and brass offering or salt bowl £4.99

Pewter pentagram bottle stopper £6.99

A range of glass witchballs from 5.99

Small Tibetan altar bell £4.75

Brass altar bell £4.99

Pewter pentagran spell candle holder  £9.99

Triquetta and bells
mobile £4.99

Large pentagram and bells £5.99

Small pentagram and bells £5.99

Small triplemoon and bells £5.99